Cygnet Rescue

Little Miss repeatedly draws George off to stop him drowning the Cygnet, time after time long after I thought she would give up.
Realising this is going to end in disaster unless something is done, a boat is brought to the lake and my Husband and Gary the Ranger paddle out and scoop up the Cygnet which I thought had already drowned. When they arrived with the boat they found me wading out into the lake ( I can't swim) so I'm glad they turned up when they did. I'm glad to say the Cygnet was still alive and after taking it to the workshop and cutting out the hook and drying the little guy off we trundled back to the lake with him sat on my lap and his head on my shoulder (ahhhh). It was a real pleasure to put him back on the lake to join his family again.
Little Miss in trouble as George beats her up, eventually Long Neck helps out.