Welcome to my Website

Sometimes hobbies can turn into something more than you bargained for and that in turn can take away the enjoyment of the hobby itself. Exhibitions can be very demanding of time etc so now having done two and was due another one October 2018 I decided to step back from that commitment and just try and enjoy my photography for what it is, a hobby. Since 2017 my website is for my personal use as a social media platform for my friends and family. Any events prior to this date are historic and were not commercial.

Recent Events:

Weimaraner Association, Water Training Day July 2018
A photo shoot full of fun, the location was a private lake where trainers teach gun dogs to swim, retrieve and generally have a good time.

Photographic Exhibition March 3rd to 25th June 2017 at Whisby Natural World Centre, Whisby Nature Park, Thorpe on the Hill, Lincoln. The Photographic Exhibition was called 'All About Swans' and was displayed in their New Exhibition Centre. Having seen the space recently I can see it will be an amazing space to the highest standard.

In addition to the main Exhibition there was a section called 'Little Ones for Little Ones' which was a selection of Photographs for children and hung at a height that they would be able to view them. In addition to the Photographic Images on display, there was a Full Sized pair of Swan's Wings for a competition called 'Guess The Wingspan'. Visitors were able to enter their guess into a competition box and the winner received a prize at the end of the Exhibition.

Month of April 2016
PhotoPlus, issue 112, the Canon magazine, Shot of the Month image entitled 'Beautiful Swan, Beautiful Light'.

Month of June 2015
Photographic exhibition called 'All About Swans' at the National Trust Discovery centre, Clumber Park, Worksop, Nottinghamshire.
Also to include a swan facts question and answer section.

June 7th 2015
National Trust Discovery centre, Clumber Park.
I will be giving a presentation called 'A year with the swans and other wildlife images', which in essence is a photographic diary of a particular family of swans who live at Clumber park. I have studied this family and other swans since February 2014 and have watched the ups and downs and happy and sad times. The committed pair of swans I have focused on are called 'Longneck' and 'Little Miss', and to date, which is March 2015, I am still observing them both.