Where we are now
Today up at 6.30 am and as soon as I open the door there he is. Breakfast is mealworms soaked in hot water, I felt bad when we went out for the day for photography. On pulling in the drive, on our return he's there and waiting, but this time I've got him a treat, live, juicy mealworms from the Pet Store.
I started to call him the old man from the outset, and I know he sees me as a food source, perhaps nothing more, but the fact still remains cross-species communication is possible or maybe he just repeatedly yawned when I asked him what was wrong (or was it gaping). As for the leg, it is still a problem for him, it's not really weight-bearing and if he tries to scratch his ear his leg goes round and round out of control by his tail.
Anyway, that's the story so far about the old man.
April 2019